Hi, we’re the organizing team for WordCamp NYC 2014! We’re excited to help bring you an amazing event. Here’s a little more about us:

Aaron Jorbin

Aaron is a polyhistoric man of the web. Currently Technical Architect on the Conde Nast Platform Team and a WordPress contributor, he works to improve developer happiness and is dedicated to making the internet usable and enjoyable by everyone. In the past he worked at AddThis and Privia Health.

Andy Christian

Andy has been involved in the WordPress community in New York for five years. He is an active member of the Community Contributor group, and has volunteered or spoken at more than a dozen WordCamps around the USA. Andy also volunteers at the monthly WordPress NYC Meetup.

Andy is a co-founder of Tadpole Collective, a web development firm specializing in WordPress and CiviCRM integration. At Tadpole, Andy provides technical support to clients and develops documentation and training for various projects. Andy also provides customer support for WordPress themes at CyberChimps.

Dana Skallman

Dana Skallman came to WordPress by way of tinkering with the outer-space of the Internet and all the possibilities it holds for communicating, archiving information and displaying what’s of interest to people. It wasn’t long before she realized that her zeal for promoting equitable access to technology, without big business-reliance, lies in working with free/libre/open source software, work she is developing with Glocal.

With Tadpole, Dana’s expertise is in developing and integrating organizational workflows using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) & configuring CiviCRM as a core Constituent Resource Manager (CRM). She takes pride in providing individuals and organizations with the freedom to focus on their mission while leveraging all that open-source technology has to offer.

Eric Andrew Lewis

Eric is a web developer at The New York Times and core contributor.

Kevin Cristiano

Kevin is a SQL ninja, an accounting expert, and active in the WordPress  Community.   He has worked with WordPress and been involved with the New York meetup for many years, and has been spotted at WordCamps from Baltimore to Boston. He is also a member of Tadpole Collective.

Krista Gonzalez

Krista is a WordPress evangelist who has been helping individuals and small businesses for over 10 years. She currently supports,,, and a few other local business sites.

Mikel King

Mikel is 20+yr Technology Leader, Public Speaker, Columnist, USCG Veteran, Brewer of beer, and Coffee Evangelist. He is currently the Senior WordPress Developer at Reader’s Digest Association for

He is also an author at JAFDIP, BSD News, Huffington Post, and BitRebels.

Rindy Portfolio

Rindy is a longtime WordPress enthusiast who can usually be found helping people at the monthly WPNYC meetup, where he has also presented. He develops themes with Tadpole Collective.

Sonja Leix

Sonja is a freelance WordPress front-end developer and enjoys making the web a prettier and more user-friendly place. When she’s not designing websites, she loves to travel and connect with like-minded people.

Steve Bruner

Steve Bruner is the CEO of SlipFire, a New York City based WordPress development studio, and a partner in Piklist where he is creating the most powerful framework available for WordPress. When he’s not building awesome websites, Steve runs the WordPress NYC Meetup.

August 2-3, 2014 at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge