New York City is home to the largest 24 hour public transit system in the world. The Metropolitan Transit Authority, or MTA, runs both the Subway and Bus services in New York City, as well as the regional Metro-North and Long Island Railroads.

NYC Subway

The best way to get to the Brooklyn Marriott is by the New York City Subway. The closest stops are:

2 3 4 5 — Borough Hall

A C F R* — Jay St – MetroTech

*Note: R service does not operate between Manhattan and Brooklyn on weekdays, and operates via the N on weekends, skipping Jay St – MetroTech. In short, if you’re coming from anywhere but Brooklyn, don’t take the R train.

The fare to ride the subway is $2.50 USD, paid with a MetroCard. MetroCards can be purchased at any Subway station. The fare is paid when you enter the system, and is valid until you leave the system (regardless of transfers). Each MetroCard costs $1 USD, but can be reloaded as often as necessary.

When you add more than $5 USD to your MetroCard, you’ll receive a 5% bonus. You can also purchase a 7-day unlimited pass for $30 USD or a 30-day pass for $112 USD (plus the $1 initial card fee).

Use the MTA Trip planner to find the best route from your location.

MTA Bus Service

The Brooklyn Marriott is also served by MTA Bus service via the B26, B57, and B62 routes. The stop is right around the corner at Jay & Willoughby Streets.

The fare to ride an MTA Bus is $2.50 USD (local routes) or $6 USD (express routes) payable in exact change (no dollar bills or pennies), or by MetroCard. Unlimited Ride MetroCards are valid on all local routes, but only the 7-day Express Bus Plus MetroCard ($55 USD) is valid on express routes.

Use the MTA Trip planner to find the best route and fare from your location.

Citi Bike

citibike If you’re coming from Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn and want some exercise, another great option is Citi Bike. There are several stations nearby, with the closest being at Jay Street and Johnson Street. Click the map to see them.

24-hour passes cost just $9.95 and 7-day passes cost $25. This includes unlimited 30-minute rides within that period. (Rides longer than 30 minutes incur an additional fee.) If you live in New York City, a yearly membership is available for just $95/year, and includes unlimited rides up to 45 minutes long, with lower overtime fees than the 24-hour and 7-day passes.

Regional Transit

If you’re coming from New Jersey, there are several ways to get to the venue:

  1. Take an NJ Transit train to Penn Station and catch the 2 3 to Borough Hall or the A C to Jay St – MetroTech.
  2. You can also take the PATH Train to 14th Street, then walk to the F to Jay St – MetroTech. (Note: The World Trade Center PATH station is closed on weekends.)
  3. Finally, you can take an NJ Transit bus to the Port Authority Bus Terminal and catch the A C to Jay St – MetroTech from Times Square – 42nd Street.

If you’re coming from the northern metro area or Connecticut, take the Metro-North Railroad to Grand Central Terminal, and catch the 4 5 to Borough Hall.

Finally, if you’re coming from Long Island, take the Long Island Railroad to Atlantic Terminal, and catch the 2 3 4 5 to Borough Hall.

Taxi Cabs and Private Cars

You’ve seen the iconic Yellow Taxi cabs in movies and TV shows for years, but did you know they come in green (also known as Boro Taxis), too? The main difference between them is that Yellow Taxis can pick up and drop off anywhere in the five boroughs, whereas Boro Taxis can only pick up in the outer boroughs (The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island), and are not allowed to drop off or pick up at the airports.

The fares are not cheap, though:

$2.50 USD: Base Fare
$0.50 USD: Each additional 1/5 mile
$0.50 USD: Each 60 seconds stopped or travelling less than 6 mph
$1.00 USD: Peak surcharge (M-F 4pm-8pm)
$0.50 USD: Night surcharge (8pm-6am)
$0.50 USD: New York State Tax Surcharge

You may also come across Livery Taxis (often referred to as Black Cars, Luxury Cars, or even “Gypsy Cabs”). These taxis are not allowed to pick up street hails anywhere in the city, and service must be pre-arranged by calling the operator. If you do ride one, always ask for the price to reach your destination before closing the car door. It is common practice to negotiate the fare with the driver, which can be difficult if you do not know your way around the city.

Taxi Hailing Apps

Sometimes it can be difficult to hail a taxi from the street, whether it’s the middle of the night, or it’s rush hour and all the taxis are already taken. Thankfully, there are several apps available for both iPhone and Android that can call a taxi for you before you go outside. These apps include Uber, Hailo, and Gett.

Coming from out of town? Don’t forget to check out our Travel page for information on how to get here!

August 2-3, 2014 at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge