Progress Update On The Session Videos

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up: the videos are off to the production company. When they return them to us we will be passing them onto the foundation for review. Some will be selected for as well as closed captioning. Thank you for your patience; the editing of these videos is a huge undertaking.

6 thoughts on “Progress Update On The Session Videos”

  1. Is there an issue with publishing all of the videos that were recorded? As long as the slides are legible and the speaker is audible, would there be any other limitations? Are there space constraints on the number of videos that can be hosted?

    1. The video production company is integrating the slides (that were provided by the presenters) into the videos. Obviously this takes time. As far as space goes I have no idea how the WordPress Foundation will determine which go on to other than they will not duplicate a presentation that is already there.

  2. Will you upload the ones that aren’t selected by the Foundation to youtube? Seems silly to not provide the updated resources at all just because they were necessarily posted to

    1. Although this has already been considered, I think it is premature at this moment to make any determination. Once we reach that point we’ll see what other steps we might take.

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