Rounding Out the Speaker List

Before reading this new post on speakers, why not take the opportunity to get your tickets?

Alexis Bellido of Alley Interactive gives advice to non-WordPress developers in “Hit the Ground Running.”

Kevin Miller and Steve Bruner go through the awesome Piklist framework in “Customize the WordPress admin with the Piklist framework“.

Lara Schenck, freelance instructor, designer and front-end developer, leads a panel entitled “Freelancing: Real Talk“.

John Eckman, CEO of 10up, gets philosophical in “Modernism, Post-Modernism, and Responsive Web Design“.

Prodigious plugin author Pippin Williamson talks best practices for plugin developers in “Sane Plugin Updates“.

Courtney O’Callaghan of Freer and Sackler Galleries and Beth Soderberg of APCO Worldwide present “Leveling Up: From Bashful Beginner to WordPress Warrior“.

Ben Dunkle of the core design team presents “Designing Dashicons“, a discussion of iconography in WordPress.

Craig Ralston of Web Solutions leads “Introduction to Plugin Development” for beginner and intermediate devs.

Konstantin Obenland, a core contributor since 3.4, talks about Underscores, the  “1000 hour head start” for theme developers.

Richard Dinh of NorthPoint Digital presents “WordPress Examples Toolkit“, showcasing the power of learning by example.

Daniel Convissor, a contributor to the PEAR and PHP projects, offers “Unit Testing WordPress Plugins with PHPUnit“.

Kathryn Presner of the Automattic theme team expounds on “Supporting Your Themes While Staying Sane“.

Andrea Rennick of Copyblogger Media presents “From housewife to hero: giving back and moving up“, a discussion on giving back to the WP community.

You still don’t have tickets? Come on, now.