Save the date and RSVP for Contributor Day

UPDATE: RSVPs for Contributor Day are sold out.

Contributor Day will be held on the Friday before WordCamp NYC (August 1st, 2014) from 12 to 6PM at the Kimmer Center at NYU, 60 Washington Square South.

We’re looking forward to having tons of great WordPress users in town for WordCamp New York. While we have such a large part of the WordPress community together in one place, let’s take advantage of it! Contributor Day is your opportunity to, well, contribute to the WordPress project.

Whether you are a user, designer, support specialist, developer, or writer, there’s a way for you to contribute:

  • Test out new features and check for bugs in WordPress 4.0, which will be coming out at the end of August
  • Write or update WordPress documentation
  • Answer a support question in the forums and help other users who are new to WordPress
  • If you’re a programmer, contribute to core*

* If you’re planning on helping out with WordPress core code (writing patches, testing bugs on trunk, etc), then you’ll need to get set up with a few things. To save time on the day, we strongly recommend that you set up WordPress locally on your laptop (and bring it!).

People who come to contributor day will be 100% focused on contributing or learning to contribute to core – although we have fun this is a working event. We will have sessions introducing the various contributor groups for absolute newcomers. If you have been looking for an opening to add your contribution to WordPress, this is a great opportunity!

Photo: Helen Hou-Sandí and Hugo Baeta at WordCamp San Francisco’s contributor day. Photo credit: Sheri Bigelow.

11 thoughts on “Save the date and RSVP for Contributor Day”

  1. I’m excited about WordCamp NYC! Contributor Day sounds interesting, too, although I’m not sure it’s for me…? Can someone shoot me an email with a little more specifics? I consider myself a light-to-moderately experienced designer (which is why I’m coming to WordCamp), so if Contributor Day is more geared for experienced users, please let me know. Thanks!

    1. Hey Kevin! Contributor Day is for everyone, regardless of skill level or whether you’ve ever contributed before. We’ll be reviewing ways to contribute, and everyone will be very helpful to direct and engage you in contributing.

      As a designer, there are many avenues you have. As 4.0 will be dropping soon after WCNYC, reviewing anything that has been worked on during this release cycle from a design perspective (whether that be CSS review, graceful degradation in browsers, UX, or UI) would be appreciated. There are also on-going UI discussions in the core UI blog where you might have helpful feedback.

      Short answer: come!

    1. Yes, I’m sorry for our tardiness in getting this together, we thought this might happen. We’re still planning Sunday, and may include some sort of contribution opportunity there. You’ll also be in great company throughout WordCamp, so your opportunity to contribute is not completely taken away. It will just be a more self-directed 🙂

    1. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to stream the event. We will be doing our best to make sure everything gets recorded and posted after the event, though.

  2. I’m looking forward to Contributor Day. I think WordPress is great, and am eager to be more involved.

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