Supporting Your Themes While Staying Sane

After months of design and development, you’ve finally released a theme to the public. You take a deep breath, sit back, and admire your work of art. Exactly three minutes later, a user tells you that they love your theme, but they’d just like to know how to add a third sidebar, a new widget area in the footer, and give the whole thing more of an art deco vibe.

You freeze like a deer in the headlights. What now?

Providing support for your themes offers tremendous opportunities to educate people, from explaining how to make a child theme to teaching simple CSS tweaks. It also presents challenges, like writing easy-to-follow setup documentation for a complex theme, or handling requests for help outside official support channels. This session will look at how to support your theme well while making users happy and staying sane – a winning combination in the world of theme development.