Spotlight Fifth Avenue Sponsor – BizPulse

Thanks to BizPulse for being a Fifth Avenue Sponsor

BizPulse is a reporting app that helps manage client expectations and forecast your cash flow.  If you have ever shocked clients with higher than expected invoices, BizPulse helps prevent that situation and preserve your client relationship.  If you have ever walked the fine line with cash flow or wondered if you would have enough revenue to make payroll and other business expenses, BizPulse helps overcome this stress and provides actionable intelligence to manage and predict your cash flow more effectively.  If you have ever wondered what your staff is doing or if they are working on the most important tasks at any given moment, BizPulse helps you manage and optimize those resources more effectively.  In short, BizPulse helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your business.  Please go to and give us your feedback.