Sunday Workshop: So You Want to Be a WordCamp Speaker

On Sunday, Kathryn Presner & Tammie Lister will be presenting a workshop for those who want to learn more about speaking at a WordCamp.

Here’s the abstract of the workshop:

Have you considered presenting at a WordCamp but thought you didn’t know enough or felt like an imposter? Does the idea of speaking in front of a group set your knees quivering and your heart racing? During this hands-on session we’ll look at what’s stopped you from speaking in the past – and explore how to move past your fears.

We’ll delve into practical techniques for choosing a topic, writing a proposal, crafting presentation content, and making great slides. We’ll discuss how to avoid common public-speaking mistakes and techniques for battling stage fright. We’ll help you navigate the dreaded post-presentation Q&A session and gather post-talk feedback. Each participant will come out of the workshop with a WordCamp or meetup talk proposal – and more confidence to submit it.

This workshop is limited to just 30 attendees, so if you want to attend, be sure to sign up using this form!

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